From The PIGS Mouth:

"I'm one of queen Kims subs that ran and came back. I will attest that it's stupid. I got three months of mandatory video slavery where I must take any humiliation no Matter how disgusting. She just made me come over and lick dirt off her socks and open my mouth to ash for pictures then kicked me out. I felt ridiculous and that was her saying hello. The next three months I think will be severe... im still spitting the dirt, grime and dog hair out of my mouth :-*"

 (he posted this on one of My blog posts about an hour or two after meeting Me for the first time.... Since he flaked on Me the first time he tried to session with Me... He is a moron to say the least. LOL)

Hey Bitches,

I know it has been a little minute since I actually posted anything like this in a long ass time. I have finally settled into My new home and now that everything is in place, I can spend more time into making you want and need Me. And I thought doing a Vlog and letting you bitches see Me would be the perfect way to get back to the business of making you Kimi Addicts.  


Big billows of smoke for your undeserving face, and a bit of delicious bum cheek.


To Me, men were put on this earth for one thing:

 2. To be used and abused for MY GAIN.

I mean LOOK at Me
I'm too tempting to resist.
38d with a supple round booty.
Cute 7 1/2 dainty little feet.
A serious nerd with mean streak and a seductive nature.

Bow Down To A REAL Bitch

Don't prolong your ONLY purpose in life.

{Song By Drake- Over My Dead Body.
I do not own the rights to this song.}

18+ ONLY